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Our Kava Community

The unique, relaxing, and welcoming atmosphere of a kava bar, which brings together a community of like-minded people, is what makes the Kava Community like no other. Here, we can feel comfortable in the space, while sipping elixirs that melt any stress away. Whether you come in to meet friends, make new ones, or post up on your laptop to get work done, the benefits of being at Nectar Lab are endless. Here are what our customers are saying:

  • "Aesthetically gorgeous inside and out. Parking couldn't be easier, or closer. It's always brimming with spectacular and intriguing people. Growing collection of art, board games, and books. Lots of comfortable furniture; couches, pillows, swings, ottomans, tables and chairs. All the drinks are well made and have an effect. The staff is usually very knowledgeable about the ingredients. If you're shy, over-the-top, weird, or down to Earth, this is hands down the best place to meet people.." - Koby Byerly

  • Amazing vibes, it's a nice place to work or hang with your friends. The drinks are awesome, presentation, and environmentally-friendly. Definitely recommend this place!" - Juan Mancera

  • "About time we got a Kava bar in Naples! I didn't really enjoy Kava for the longest time, but this place knows how to serve it. And I've learned to love it. The energy and feel of this place is so relax and calming." -Megan Martinez

  • "Naples Nectar Lab is truly a one of a kind experience. It’s is an incredibly vibrant atmosphere with cool people to socialize with over a refreshing, relaxing kava. Whether it be post-workout, after work, going on a date- this place is THE spot. Highly recommended." - Brendan Ehrhart

  • "AMAZING!!! If you don't know what a Kava bar is doesn't matter, just come by and be prepared to have your mind blown away. Great staff and great tasting Kava drinks!! Truly one of a kind. Ahh almost forgot...the music and ambiance is insanely satisfying. Good vibes only." - Alexander K.

  • "Awesome atmosphere, Great drinks and staff is very personable and attentive to costumers as well.. all in all a wonderful experience I look forward to coming back many times whether I come to get paperwork done for work, hang out with friends, or just need a space to relax this is the place to do it. Can’t wait to become a regular here! Oh and almost forgot the happy hour is too good to be true." -Joseph Federico





2500 Tamiami Trail N, Suite 112
Naples, FL



Daily        10 AM - 1 AM

FRI / SAT   10 AM - 2 AM 


239 - 302 - 6093


3 PM - 6 PM   DAILY

9-11 PM  TUE



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